I Pet, Tape, Gag, and Excercise for My Safa Pet – Part 1

Safa stands neck roped with her wrists tied separately behind her back. It’s not long before I arrive to play with my new pet. I clasp one hand over her mouth as I grope her and slap her ass. I then grab her by her hair and continue manhandling her. After I tire of playing with her I vetwrap and tape her wrists to her upper arms. I untie her other arm and it gets the same treatment. I untie her neck rope and put her in a chair. I then vetwrap and tape her ankles to her thighs. A gag is next. Safa pet is harness ball gagged tightly. I grope her a bit more before I strap a make shift collar around her neck. I manhandle her a bit more before I leave her. The clip ends shortly after.
Featuring: Safa
Categories: electrical tape, puppy play

Clip name: I_Pet_Tape_Gag_and_Excercise_for_My_Safa_Pet_Part_1.mp4
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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:20:13
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