Ivycat Begs for Cruel Gags, and Gets Them – Part 1

I haven’t seen Ivycat in quite some time. Seems she got a job and has been working her way up the corporate ladder. There is one thing holding her back though… her mouth. She thinks that if I gag her painfully tight, that she’ll remember before she opens her mouth in the future. The clip starts with her seated on a chair tied at the waist. It’s not long before I am buckling a huge black ball harness gag on her head. I then rope up her legs. I remove the harness gag and stuff 2 stress balls in her mouth. I make sure they stay there by means of clear tape. I add more rope to her upper body, further securing her to the chair. I then add vet wrap over the clear tape. I leave her to endure the gag for a bit. I remove it when I return. I leave her gagless for a few minutes while I tie a length of rope in her hair. I then tightly cleave gag her with an entire ace bandage. I make it tighter by wrapping black tape over top of it and then around her forehead and under her chin. Ivycat has to endure the gag as I rip open her blouse and clamp her nipples. I also add a bit more rope. I finally remove the ace bandage gag. Next I stuff a pair of my boxer shorts in her mouth. I seal them in with black tape. I tie the clamps tightly to her knees as she endures this gag. I finally remove this gag and then I cleave gag her with microfoam. I add some black tape on top to make it a bit tighter as well. I leave her to endure this gag for a while. When I return, I remove the gag and give her a little break ungagged as I add a few more ropes. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: IvyCat

Categories: chairtied, pantyhose

Clip name: Ivycat_Begs_for_Cruel_Gags_and_Gets_Them_Part_1.mp4
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