Lexy Mae Post Tied – Part 1

Lexy finds her self held captive to a post in an old shed. She stands against a post with her wrists bound behind her back. She struggles and mmmpphs, but no one can hear her due to the giant red ballgag that has been strapped in her mouth. Her captor suddenly appears. He immediately starts manhandling her. He clasps one hand over her mouth while he squeezes and gropes her tits with his other. He adds to her bondage by roping her waist. He then snips away the fabric of her sweater that covers her nipples. He removes the ball gag and quickly covers her mouth with his hand before shoving 2 huge pairs of panties in her mouth. He secures them by wrapping clear tape around her head. Lexy’s exposed nipples are then clamped with heavy clamps. lexy’s captor then starts binding her body more securely to the post. After a while and more rope, he removes the clamps and cuts away more fabric fro her sweater. He continues adding more rope above and below her perky tits. Lexy is very expressive, and her facial expressions say it all. Her captor lifts her skirt, exposing her pretty satin panties. He orders her to spread her legs, further exposing her shapely legs. He wraps rope around her waist and then between her legs. and then down to a hitching ring bolted to the floor to make sure it stays tight. He clamps just her right nipple before He starts binding her hips and legs to the post. The ropes are cinched to the post and then between her legs. You can tell that it’s light by the way her flesh bulges out between the bands of rope. He continues to torment poor Lexy as he removes the clamp on her right nipple and moves it to her left. He now stands behind her pinching her sore right nipple. Lexy is helpless and can do nothing to stop him. She yelps and moans but no one can hear her due to the fact that her mouth is stuffed with panties. He removes the panty gag as he has another gag in mind for his captive. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Lexy Mae
Categories: breast torture, Brunettes, nipple clamps, pantyhose, post/pole/tree tied

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