Monica Jade’s Predicament – Part 1

Monica is a gorgeous and fit young woman and I love seeing such women helpless and straining. I also love to manhandle and grope them, so that’s what I do. I start with Monica’s wrists bound in front and then pulled over her head and tied to her crotchrope. I walk her in with one hand on her crotchrope and the other tightly gripping her tit. Once inside, I Hand gag her, grope her tits and ass, smack her ass, and turn her anyway I want using her tits as a handle. I eventually re-tie her wrists above. I order to to spread her legs and I commence smacking her ass, as I control her with a hand still firmly gripping her tit. I continue roughly manhandling her for a bit longer, before I tie a length of thin twine into her hair. I then hood her with a tight latex hood. A huge red ballgag is shoved behind her luscious lips, before I tie her hair up to where her wrists are tied. Next a spreader bar is tied to her ankles, although I don’t make her spread her legs very far… yet. Clover clamps are a nice addition to my helpless captive. All bondage should include a crotchrope, so that is added next. While I’m at it, I add more rope under her ass cheeks to give them an added lift. I now commence manhandling Monica. I turn her around and give her ass a little more attention in the form of some hard smacks. At the end of the clip, I pull up a chair behind her. I untie her wrists from above and lower her into the chair. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Monica Jade

Categories: black girls, Brunettes, ethnic, hooded, Lingerie, nipple clamps, Petite

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