Nyxon cured of RMS – Part 1

Nyxon walks up the steps and then down a hallway to visit Dr. Cain. We then see her sitting in the lobby. It is her first visit and she is a bit nervous. She shifts her legs, showing some nice panty peeks, and adjusts her garter as she waits. Dr. Cain meets her in the lobby and explains that she should start the treatment by gagging herself. He hands her a ballgag and a roll of vetwrap. He explains what he wants her to do and then walks away. Nyxon straps in the ballgag and then wraps the wrap on over top as instructed. She waits for a while again. When the Dr. returns he isn’t quite satisfied with the job she did. He tightens the vetwrap and then adds the rest of the roll. He asks Nyxon to follow him to his main treatment area. He explains thet the treatment has a much higher success rate when the patient is bound. He pulls her wrists up behind her and starts binding Nyxon in a reverse prayer position. After a few ropes are added, he removes her gag and replaces it with a tight vetwrap cleave. Nyxon now has a fish face and double chin from the pressure of the wrap. More rope is added to her bindings. Just as she starts adjusting to the gag, black tape is added to tighten it further. After a while this gag is removed. A huge foam ball is shoved in her mouth and then she is cleave gagged with an ace bandage. After a bit black tape is added, but before she can finish, Nyxon starts choking, so obviously the gag is removed. He tries this gag again with similar results. Although the foam ball and cleave gag has been used successfully many times before, it doesn’t seem to be a good fit for Nyxon. All patients are different and the ability to adapt is what separates a good Doctor from a Great Doctor! The clip ends shortly after.

Featuring: Nyxon
Categories: Brunettes, business attire, chairtied, garter and stockings, MILF, office attire, reverse prayer

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