Packaging Rachel – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… You hear a noise and some clanging. It gets closer and closer until you see a pallet jack roll by with an empty pallet. I park it, before lifting rachel onto it. I bind her knees with jute rope over the tape and run it around the back of Rachel’s neck. Rachel moans as I pull it tight. With all the tape and the reinforcements, she’s not going to bend much. The rest of the rope is tied around her waist. I then rope her ankles and pull it back. Rachel yelps and moans again as The rope is pulled tight and tied off to the back of her waist. When we started, Rachel was standing with a rope tied to the top of her nylon body bag. That rope is still there. I use it to pull her head back to her waist rope. I tie the rest off to the pallet corners to keep her from rolling forward. Rachel is now packaged nicely. I leave her there for a bit. Rachel has grown a bit to complacent. Some heavy clamps on her nipples fixes that. We here muffled "mmmpphs", moans, and yelps from under all the tape. Her struggling and twitching increase in intensity as well. I wrap tape over the clamps and watch her for just a short while before I jack the pallet up and head out with my tightly bundled package.
Featuring: Rachel
Categories: balltied, head encasement, hogtied, MILF, mummification, nipple clamps, nylon encasement, Tape Bondage

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Duration: 00:19:55
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