Peppers Game – Part 1

Pepper never wants to admit that she absolutely loves being bound, gagged, and manhandled, but she craves it. She plays this little game where she starts acting all defiant and bratty. She does this on purpose to get what she wants without having to ask and admit that she wants it. That’s fine with me, and I’m always happy to bind and gag her. She’s up to her same old shenanigans again, so I take her out to my "workshop". I manhandle her and roughly grope her sweater puppies. I make sure she stays put, by means of a neckrope tied above, and I make sure she stays quiet by means of a huge red ballgag. I smack her ass repeatedly, before I snip open her sweater and pull out her huge tits. She pretends that she doesn’t like it, but we both know better. I continue roughly manhandling Pepper. I lift her skirt and smack her ass, now protected only by her pantyhose. I eventually get out some rope and start by crotchroping her nice and tight. More ropes are run under her ass cheeks and then I even add a bit of butt bondage. I turn her around, make her spread her legs, and smack her ass again, noting the difference between her ass being tied and untied. I use her tit as a handle, and turn her back around. I remove her giant ballgag and then spend some time slapping her tits with the back of my hand. It’s time for more rope. I start at her upper thighs and work my way down, adding band after band of tightly cinched rope. Once her legs are tied, I untie her neckrope and have her sit in a chair. This is where part 1 ends.
Featuring: Pepper Sterling
Categories: ballgag, Breast bondage, Brunettes, Busty, crotchrope, MILF, not barefoot, pantyhose

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