Reverse Prayer Hogtie For Rachel – Part 1

Rachel is neckroped standing as I grope her tits. One hand is clasped over her mouth as I continue groping her with my other hand. Rachel is sensitive and you can definitely tell by her reactions to her tits being squeezed. Using her tit as a handle I turn her around and give her ass a few hard slaps. It appears that Rachel is wearing a tight skirt, but in reality, she’s wearing a skort. I hate those, so I simply cut it off her. Better… Rachels ass and legs look great in her shiny hose. I grab some rope and crotchrope her. More rope is tied under her ass cheeks to accentuate them a little more. Poor Rachel yelps as I pull up hard on her crotchrope as I pull her head back by her hair at the same time, but I like it and that’s what is important today. Rachel is here for our enjoyment. I cut her shirt down the front and now continue groping her bare tits. After a bit, I clamp her nipples with clovers and then tie them off tight overhead. The tears start rolling down her cheeks already and we’re no where near done. After a little more rope is added, I remove the clamps and order her to turn around and spread her legs. I smack her ass a few times, before I tell her to stay and look pretty for me as I step back and take in the view. When I return, I smack and squeeze her ass cheeks for a bit, before I turn her back around and start binding her legs. The rest of the clip is spent binding Rachel’s legs. By the time I’m done her legs are bound with 7 bands of tightly cinched rope. I run my hands over her legs examining my work before I step away. This is where Part 1 ends.
Featuring: Rachel
Categories: pantyhose

Clip name: Reverse_Prayer_Hogtie_For_Rachel_Part_1.mp4
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Format: mp4
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Duration: 00:24:42
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