Reverse Prayer Hogtie For Rachel – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… I leave Rachel standing for a bit as I once again step back to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’m enjoying how Rachel’s legs and ass look encased in rope. I step back in and once again grab her by her tit and turn her around. I give her ass some nice hard slaps. Poor Rachel yelps and grimaces. I pull up a chair and untie her neckrope. Rachel is relieved, but that relief is short lived. As she sits, her crotchrope tightens up even more and the tears start flowing once again. Snot and tears run down her face as I start binding her upper body. After I get a little more rope added, I decide it’s time for an over due gag. I stuff her mouth with a full roll of gauze and then seal it in with an entire roll of microfoam tape. I now continue binding her as she endures an extremely effective and tight gag. I untie her wrists and pull her wrists up into a reverse prayer position. I then tie and cinch them in that position. After a while, Rachel’s face is a light purple color and she is starting to have problems breathing from the snot. I remove her gag. At this point Rachel looks completely disheveled and defeated, but I’m no where near done with her. Rachel is not a masochist, but she is submissive and wants to make you happy so she soldiers on. I finish up binding her upper body before I have a bit of fun with her tits. I walk away to get her next gag. This is where Part 2 ends.
Featuring: Rachel
Categories: pantyhose, whip

Clip name: Reverse_Prayer_Hogtie_For_Rachel_Part_2.mp4
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Duration: 00:19:29
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