Reverse Prayer Hogtie For Rachel – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… A ballgag harness panel gag is tightly fitted and buckled on Rachel’s head. She is then lifted and placed on an old metal table. She lays there patiently knowing she’ll soon be tied into a strenuous hogtie. It’s not long and she is indeed hogtied. Rachel moans as she is tightly bowed. She seems to whimper and yelp a little more than usual. That’s because her crotchrope was connected completely and really tightened up when she was arched. I tie a length of rope to a D-ring on her harness gag and pull her head back with it. I walk away and leave Rachel to endure her bondage. Drool streams from behind her panel gag, and snot from her nose. She knows I want her to struggle, but all she can muster is a few twitches and moans. After she’s been on her stomach for a while, I put her on her side. Now you can see how tight her crotchrope is. It’s buried! I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor once again. At the end of the clip, I play and grope my captive a bit. She begs to be released, and I remove a few ropes and then her gag.
Featuring: Rachel
Categories: hogtied, pantyhose

Clip name: Reverse_Prayer_Hogtie_For_Rachel_Part_3.mp4
Clip size: 568.929 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:25:20
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