Sassy is Captured, Manhandled, Belt Whipped, Clamped, Tounge Tied, Nose Hooked, etc – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… Sassy’s captor ties a length of rope into her hair, then he ties her elbows and forearms together. Sassy is relieved when he removes the huge sponge in her mouth, but that relief is short lived. She feels him fiddling her her hair, but then she feels a clamp n her tongue. She yelps as he now ties a length of twine tightly around her tongue, behind her piercing. He then ties a rope to her wrists again and ties it off overhead, cruelly stressing her shoulders once again. He ties her hair back to her wrists very tightly and then completely tapes up her hands. He nose hooks her next, with excruciating tight rubber bands that stretch her breathing holes to the max. Her tongue is then tied off to the lower part of the chair very tightly. Sassy cannot move anywhere now without a body part being painfully pulled. She didn’t think it was possible for clamps to be applied to her bound tits, but once again, she was wrong. She yelps as they pinch her swollen nipples. She is then left to endure her predicament. The man leaves her for now, but who knows what he’ll do to her when he returns in her vulnerable state. At the end of the clip, I added some behind the scenes footage of sassy being released.

Featuring: Sassy
Categories: black girls, breast torture, Brunettes, Busty, ethnic, face bondage, nipple clamps, nose clamp, nose hooks, Open Mouth Gag, pantyhose, sponge gag, strappado

Clip name: Sassy_is_Captured_Manhandled_Belt_Whipped_Clamped_Tounge_Part_3.mp4
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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:22:37
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