Smalltown Jail – Rinn Hogcuffed, Forced to Excerise, then Hogtied – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Your Smalltown jail Host explains that being a small jail, they don’t have a courtyard or any kind of exercise facility for the prisoners so he shows how he keeps them in shape. He forces Rinn to hop and back and forth in the jail area. He then puts her on her knees in the center of the room. You can really hear Rinn breathing hard. It looks as if his workout is very effective. He then helps her to the floor and explains that struggling in rope bondage is a very good workout in its self. He smacks her ass to motivate her. She slows down after a while and like a good personal trainer, He Motivates. He slaps her ass and then starts slapping her tits hard with a wooden spoon. She’s starts to really struggle again. After a bit more struggling he Hogties her. This works and stretches muscles that she never knew she had!! She stays hogtied for the remainder of the episode.

Featuring: Rin
Categories: barefoot, breast torture, hogtied, nylon encasement, pantyhose, sponge gag

Clip name: Smalltown_Jail_Rinn_Hogcuffed_Forced_to_Excerise_then_Hogtied_Part_2.mp4
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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:18:46
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