Snot, Sweat, and Tears – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… Courtney’s Captor zipties and cinches her lower legs and feet. He leaves her to quiver as she endures her extremely strict bondage. She tries to struggle, but it looks more like twitching, as that is all her bondage will allow. Her Captor enjoys watching her futile struggles in the shadows, but after a while, he wants a new view. Courtney yelps as he rolls her onto her side. Her breathing intensifies as she adjusts to her new position. Now he can see her tears and bound tits jiggle as she twitches and moans. Another hour or so, and she’ll gladly do anything he wants.

Featuring: Courtney
Categories: Blondes, sweaters, zipties

Clip name: Snot_Sweat_and_Tears_for_Courtney_Part_3.mp4
Clip size: 353.287 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:15:48
Link (K2S/Fboom):

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