Summer Hogtied Tight! – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… I lift Summer off the chair and place her on the hard cold concrete floor. I don’t waste a lot of time as I start roping up her feet. I force her into as tight of a hogtie as possible. I even run a line down under her crotchrope and back up tightening it up even more! Summer moans and twitches. She tries to struggle, but really can’t move much more than an inch or so. After a few minutes, I tie her head back using the hair rope. Yes, it’s tied back tight. I ask her if she can escape. I leave her on her stomach and watch her try and struggle. After a while I return to squeeze and pinch her bound tits and ass. I then take a few snapshots of my helplessly bound captive. I ask her if she can roll onto her side, but she can’t I have to do it for her. I leave her on her side for a bit. I return to play with my captive once again. After groping her helpless body again, I add some tight clamps to her nipples. I hold one hand over her mouth as I continue to play. I add a few more clamps to her nipples and eave her to endure the excruciatingly tight bondage once again. I like to hear gag talk, so at the end of the clip, I return to ask Summer some questions. I leave her for just a short while, and at the very end, I remove the clamps and slap her bound tits a few times. Her ass gets a few good slaps for good measure as well. I tell her I’m leaving and will be back in a few hours. This is where Part 3 ends.

Featuring: Summer
Categories: breast torture, Brunettes, Busty, hogtied, nipple clamps, sponge gag

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Duration: 00:21:57
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