Tell Me What You Want and I’ll Give You What You Need – Part 4

This clip starts where Part 3 ended. Adara is left to endure her tight bondage, gag, clamps, and nose hooks. She mmmmpphs and struggles as much as her bondage will allow for a while. She eventually gets a little complacent, so to get her spirits up again, I whip her clamped tits with a leather strap. There we go… that really woke her up again. Her yelps, moans and twitch intensify greatly with the right motivation. I want a new view, so I roll her onto her stomach for a while. At the end of the clip, I cut off her ziptie bondage and make her crawl out of the room using the rope still tied into her hair as a leash.
Featuring: Adara
Categories: Blondes, crotchrope, electrical tape, gags, hogtied, nipple clamps, nose hooks, not barefoot, nude, Sweat, whipped, zipties

Clip name: Tell_Me_What_You_Want_and_Ill_Give_You_What_You_Need_Adara_Part_4.mp4
Clip size: 569.784 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:25:12
Link (K2S/Fboom):

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