A New Toy – Part 1

A friend of mine brought over her friend who is referred to as "the girl" for me to play with. the girl has been in bondage before, but nothing like she is about to experience. She seems nervous, but as soon as I grab her by her hair, the nervousness seems to turn into excitement. The clip starts with her arms already bound in a box tie. I manhandle and smack her ass for a bit before I rope her neck and tie it off overhead. I continue groping her as I watch and enjoy her expressions. I turn her around and make her spread her legs. I lift her skirt, revealing her perfect ass. I enjoy watching her quiver as I smack it. I love my toys hogtied, so I start off as usual with waist ropes and a tight crotchrope. Ropes are also applied under her ass cheeks. Her ass already looks incredible, but the ropes make it look even better. I turn her back around and enjoy smacking and kneading her ass again. I sometimes hold onto her by her hair or by her tits as I do so. I finally get more rope and continue binding her legs. I start at her upper thighs and work my way down. the girl has not experienced rope bondage this restrictive before, but I can tell that she likes it.

Featuring: the girl
Categories: Blondes, business attire, pantyhose

Clip name: The_Girls_Test_A_New_Toy_Part_1.mp4
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Format: mp4
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Duration: 00:22:38
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