The Vigilante Turns His Attention Towards Rachel – Stripped and Scrubbed – Part 1

When we last saw Rachel, she was outside rolling around in the dirt bound in leather. The vigilante mentioned getting her cleaned up. This clip starts with a door opening and The Vigilante pushing in a cage on wheels. Surprise rachel is inside, cuffed and cruelly gagged. She stays caged for a bit and then the lock is removed and the doors open. Soon after, The Vigilante lifts her out. He sets her in a chair as he pushes the cage out of the way. He gropes her a bit before removing her gag. He chains her to the chair at her waist. He reminds her that if she gives him any problems that she can spend the night hanging in the barn again. Rachel’s wrists are recuffed in front and she is given blackout contact lenses. These are the kind that blind you. Once the contacts are in, Rachel looks terrified. The Vigilante removes her ankle cuffs and waist chain. He stands her up and orders her to strip. She struggles a bit to strip with no vision, but she manages and is soon standing in nothing but an unbuttoned shirt. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Rachel

Categories: barefoot, jodhpurs, riding Pants

Clip name: The_Vigilante_Turns_His_Attention_Towards_Rachel_3_Stripped_and_Scrubbed_Part_1.mp4
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Duration: 00:15:18
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