The Vigilante Turns His Attention Towards Rachel – Pony Girl – Part 1

This clip is a continuation of "The Vigilante Turns His Attention Towards Rachel – Stripped and Scrubbed" Now that Rachel has been cleaned and her wrists have been bound with a leather strap behind her back, the Vigilante puts her Pony Girl harness on her and starts buckling it up. Once that is done, he has her step back into her riding boots. Next the arm binder is applied, then laced and buckled. He has Rachel sit and then he buckles the head harness on her head. She is then bit gagged with the metal bit with large tongue port. Her ankles are tethered with cuffs and chain. He orders Rachel to stand and then to turn in a tight circle so he can watch and enjoy her bondage. He finally say’s "whooaa". This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Rachel

Categories: pony girls, tongue port bit gag

Clip name: The_Vigilante_Turns_His_Attention_Towards_Rachel_4_Pony_Girl_Part_1.mp4
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Duration: 00:21:36
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