The Vigilante Turns His Attention Towards Rachel – Pony Girl – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… The Vigilante orders Rachel to jump in place. After a while, he orders her to stop. Rachel’s pants turn to yelps as hevy clamps are put on her nipples. The Vigilante then walks away and calls her. Being blind, Rachel has to listen to his voice in order to find her way. With her ankles tethered she finds her way to him. He walks to the other end of the fence and calls her again. She once again finds her way to him. He calls her back one more time, before he leads her back to her starting position. Since her gag did not have enough holes in the strap to tighten it completely, it has not been quite as tight as it should have been. The Vigilante pulls it tight as Rachel chokes and gags on the tongue port. He removes it and gags her with a rubber version. He orders her to turn in a tight circle once again. After a while he decides that it’s time to put his toy away for the evening. He leads her into her cage. He is nice enough to have given her a mattress to sleep on. It’s a little wet from earlier, but it will eventually dry. Rachel struggles and whimpers while still, blind, clamped, gagged, and in bondage. The lights go out and we hear a door close. Rachel’s activities will resume in the morning. I have included some behind the scenes footage as well.

Featuring: Rachel

Categories: bit gag tongue port, pony girls

Clip name: The_Vigilante_Turns_His_Attention_Towards_Rachel_4_Pony_Girl_Part_2.mp4
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Duration: 00:21:34
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