They Get Revenge – Part 1

Riley and her Brother don’t usually get along, but when Eric has captured the DA that falsely prosecuted their Brother, they forget about past differences and come together. Family comes first over anything. Eric immediately shoves a huge black ball gag in Cherry’s mouth before calling Riley. Riley is on her way over. Eric doesn’t wait for her. He starts roughly manhandling her and then her ties a spreader bar to her ankles. He gives her inner thighs a few harsh slaps before grabbing a handful of her hair and groping her tits again. He then rips open her blouse, exposing her firm perky tits. Eric now gets even more aggressive with her tits. He starts slapping them with his finger tips very hard as Cherry whimpers and writhes in her bondage. He clamps her nipples with some heavy duty clamps and then leaves her for a bit. When he returns, Cherry is relieved when he removes the clamps, but he puts them right back on… only this time he pulls them up and tight around the back of her neck and connects them with rubber bands. He taunts her for a bit before he leaves her once again. We skip forward in time and Riley has arrived to help get revenge on Cherry. She looks very satisfied when she sees Cherry bound gagged and in agony. She immediately joins in. she taunts Cherry while pulling her hair and tugging on her nipple clamps. Eric the joins her wielding a long wooden paddle. He grabs a handful of Cherry’s hair and starts slapping her pussy with it… Then he starts slapping the underside of Cherry’s tits. AllCherry can do is mmmmppph through her huge gag and writhe. Riley gets a turn to play with Cherry next. She runs her hands all over Cherry’s body and slaps her inner thighs. She also gives her tender body some attention with a thin metal paddle as well. Eric finally removes the clamps and uses some thin twine to tightly tie her tits. After he ties the left one, he realizes that it is tighter, so he reties the right tit so they match. He uses his hand and now starts slapping her bound tits again. During the tit binding process, riley continues playing with there bound captive. Once they are satisfied with the tit bondage, they have some more fun squeezing and slapping them. They remove the big ballgag and set 2 pairs of huge panties that they got from Aunt Betty’s dirty laundry basket, on her lap. This is where Part 1 ends.
Featuring: Cherry Doll, Riley Jane
Categories: hogtied, nose hooks

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