Two fine young female breeders wander off course and are captured for punishment. Left on their own in their nearly naked state would leave them vulnerable to forced mating by some horny mutt.
The bitches are run down and anesthetized for their own protection. Then strung up and hogged on the buck board to be dragged back to the barn where they are separated so that Aubrie can be focused on with a good whipping,
spread eagle nude forced orgasm with vibrator and a virgin anal guaging to remind her what could have happened had she not been apprehended in time. She is butt plugged and hog roped. Then Megan is re-united with Aubrie and the two are hogtied alongside one another.

Clip name: 63_Breeders_Off_Course.wmv
Clip size: 1931 MB
Link (K2S/Fboom):

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