Madalynn has no clue who this man is. But he has tied her up, gagged her and stuffed her in the trunk of her car. She struggles and kicks hoping someone outside will hear her. Knowing he has a long drive, the man takes Madalynn out of the trunk and hogties her in the back seat of the car. He then drives away with Madalynn struggling hogtied and gagged. But then things get back for both the man and Madelynn. The car runs out of gas and they have to abandon it out in the middle of no where. The man makes Madalynn hike through the woods until he finds a good place to stash her until he can figure out what to do. He gags her again by stuffing and taping her mouth and then hogties her on the ground. Madalynn is then left to struggle bound and gagged as the man goes off to find a way to get away from this place. As she rolls on the ground tied painfully tight, Madalynn realizes she has more immediate problemsto deal with. Like all the creatures creeping around her and no way of fighting them off.

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