Hole is back in HELL! And this time, she is really suffering. This is an intense session with a painslut, masochistic bitch who craves abuse, humiliation and torture and boy does she get it! Her cunthole and asshole are going to get stretched and her titmeat is going to be bruised and battered. But before any of that, she is on the plank for some serious torture. Her ass is beaten and she screams and whimpers like the cunthole she is. Of course, she admits to being a whore and piece of meat, but we already knew that. This is a cruel session, and if you like seeing a young piece of meat, dirty feet and all, tortured cruelly, you have come to the right place…
Hole on the Plank suffering, just for you!

Clip name: Hole_-_Torture_on_the_Plank.mp4
Clip size: 99.5584 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×480 @ 654×480
Duration: 00:10:07
Link (K2S/Fboom):

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