Chrissy Daniels Captured and Tamed – Part 1

It’s the 4th of July and the escort service has a special going on. Dr. Cupcakes makes arrangements and has Chrissy meet him in a hotel. Once there, he offers her a drink. He has added a little something extra to it though and Chrissy is soon "a sleep" The clip starts with Dr. Cupcakes carrying Chrissy over his shoulder walking down a long corridor. Once inside his secret hideout he lays her on the floor. He returns shortly. He gropes ragdolls her limp body for a while. He puts her in several different positions as he continues groping her tits and ass. Then he grabs some leather straps and cuffs. He straps her ankles to her thighs and cuffs her wrists behind her back with the cuffs and a short strap. He leaves Chrissy laying on the floor. She eventually wakes up and starts yelling. Dr. Cupcakes quickly shoves a pair of panties in her mouth and tapes them in. After she is gagged the clip only lasts about 1 minute.

Featuring: Chrissy Daniels

Categories: MILF

Clip name: Chrissy_Daniels_Captured_and_Tamed_Part_1.mp4
Clip size: 273.403 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:12:07
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