Fayth, Big City Girl Arrested by 2 Hick Cops – Part 1

fayth was pulled over as she was driving through a small town… A very small town. Paraphernalia is found in her car and she is placed under arrest by Billy Bob and Junior. She resists arrest and kicks Billy Bob in the balls. She’s going to pay for that. The clip starts with Billy Bob and Junior shoving fayth into the jailhouse in cuffs and leg irons. They open a cell and shove her onto the hard bench that they call a bed. They ask where the drugs are at, but she tells them nothing. They leave her there as they go get a few needed supplies. The rest of the clip is fayth struggling in cuffs while in her cell. At the very end of the clip, Billy Bob and Junior return with supplies. They open the cell door and the clip ends.
Featuring: Fayth on Fire
Categories: handcuffs, leggings, sweaters

Clip name: Fayth_on_Fire_Big_City_Girl_Arrested_by_2_Hick_Cops_Part_1.mp4
Clip size: 113.011 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:05:04
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