lilmissnatalie Hogtied – Part 4

This clip starts where Part 3 ended… I sit back and watch lilmissnatalie endure her bondage. I order her to struggle… she kind of laughs, as she knows that any struggling will be futile. After a while, I want a new view, so I roll her onto her side, as I know she can’t do it herself. I sit back and let her endure once again. After a while, I clamp her nipples and leave her once again. I return once again to remove the clamps. I have a nice thin wooden paddle, which I use to slap her tits and ass with. Finally, I ask her if she’s ready to be untied. I tell her to beg and she does so nicely through her gag. I start cutting her free and then I remove her gag. This is where the clip ends.

Categories: Brunettes, hogtied, MILF, nipple clamps, nose hooks

Clip name: lilmissnatalie_Hogtied_Part_4.mp4
Clip size: 634. MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:28:10
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