Summer Transported and Hogtied – Part 1

Summer’s car breaks down in the middle of no where… No phone reception and no one around for miles. Luckily a young lad happens down the road in a pick-up truck. It’s her lucky day so she thinks. He looks under the hood, but it’s clear he’s much more interested in her. He starts by grabbing her ass and tits a bit. Summer tries to resist, but she doesn’t want him to leave either… who knows how long she’ll be out there. He claims he has tools, but when he returns he seemingly has nothing. Soon he has her on the ground fondling his new captive. He throws her over his shoulder and places her on the tailgate, where he ties her wrists elbows and ankles. Soon after he tightly cleave gags her and then finally he hogties her before shutting the tailgate and driving off. After traveling the back roads, they end up at an old metal structure. He makes summer hop towards the door. He stops her and rips her blouse open. He gropes and slaps her bare tits and orders her to keep hopping. Once they get close, he lifts and carries her inside, where he places her on her feet and neck ropes her. That will keep her from going anywhere. He gets out more rope. This is where Part 1 ends.
Featuring: Summer Monroe
Categories: Blondes, Busty, cleave gag, garter and stockings, hopping, not barefoot, outdoors, Over shoulder carry, transported

Clip name: Summer_Monroe_Transported_and_Hogtied_Part_1.mp4
Clip size: 373.238 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:17:05
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